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Our goal is to present you with quality real estate opportunities and provide you with expert insight into the property market. We continually review the country with our network of local property finders for the best deals and work with the finest real estate developers.

With a stable political democracy, consistent increases in tourist arrivals since 1998, a currency pegged to the US dollar, miles and miles of sandy beaches and the largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere, Belize promises to be one of the strongest emerging markets in which to invest. The timing is right and Belize is beginning to attract real estate investors attracted by the potential for capital appreciation in the "New Caribbean".


Belize's #1 Marina & Residential community offered exclusively by Coldwell Banker

Sanctuary Belize Marina

Sanctuary Belize is the world's only 5 Eco-System residential, resort and marina development, nestled inside a 14,000 acre private wildlife sanctuary in the Western Caribbean. Sanctuary Belize has 1,750 home sites from one acre to over five, that are available in a wide selection of exceptional locations - close to the beach, rivers, rainforest, and waterfalls.

With prices ranging from $99,0000 to over $1 million, flexible in-house financing, low down payments and low interest rates, Sanctuary Belize makes the dream of owning a slice of tropical paradise an affordable reality.
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Real Estate For Sale In Belize

There are no barriers to foreign investment and, as a member of the British Commonwealth, Belize has a legal system based on British law and is the only English speaking country in Central America. In addition, Belize has no capital gains or inheritance taxes and a growing private offshore banking sector. It takes little imagination to see where the Belize property market is heading.