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Waterfront property in Belize

Waterfront property is highly sort after in Belize and we work hard to source the finest properties, offering the best value, throughout the country. The appeal of waterfront property and the special attributes it provides, such as the ability to walk directly onto the beach and unimpeded views of the water are what our investors our looking for.

In Belize, as with other parts of the world, waterfront property tends to be:

  • in lower supply than other property types;
  • in highest demand; and therefore;
  • experiences the greatest levels of appreciation (as well as higher rents) of any property type.

A piece of waterfront property, in the right area, fulfills the well-versed "location, location, location" mantra of real estate investing. To use another common maxim; "they are not making any more if it." And it is this scarcity that is an important contributor to the sustained value of an investment in waterfront real estate.

Belize has an extraordinary amount of waterfront to offer with its large cayes, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, mainland beaches, and it's myriad of over 400 individual islands ranging in size from a few hundred acres to just and acre or less. In Belize you have the opportunity to purchase some of the best beachfront real estate in the world. Classic Caribbean real estate is highly sought after and Belize offers some of the lowest prices in the region.

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